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Sep 19, How thick would plastic lenses be on a round size 48 frame?

Q: I want to get plastic lenses because of the high abbe value. The glasses Im using currently are hi-index plastic and while its ok, it doesnt feel...

Sep 3, 3rd pair of eyeglasses that are crackling in between the layers...

Q: Please help. I am now on my third eyeglasses that are showing machine like even crackling scratches INSIDE the lenses themselves. There are no scratches...

Aug 9, Different height and tilt

Q: 1. Got a new pair of glasses with bifocals and noticed that the left bifocal is slightly tilted and at a different height than the right. I have...

Aug 9, Trapezoidal

Q: Hi, New to wearing glasses and have progressive lenses. When reading a book or computer screen it looks very trapezoidal and thus out of focus....

Aug 9, Prescription -6.50 but

Q: I have a prescription sphere -6.50 but have glasses sphere -6.00. Will I notice much difference A: Hello, If the question is to stay or not with...

Jul 18, Reflecting face on backside of lenses

Q: Ive gotten quite annoyed about my glasses reflecting my own eyes and face. It causes my sight to be a bit blurry and it annoys me, and keeps distracting...

SKU-AC18868 Rue des Arts RDA 1012 Eyeglasses Frames from Discount Glasses  sku

Rue des Arts RDA 1012 Eyeglasses Frames - AC18868 by Rue des Arts

Item description: This Eyeglasses Glasses product is by Rue des Arts - Rue de Arts RDA 1012 eyeglasses offer women a classic and practical frame that delivers a professional appearance. The lightweight, thin metal design provides a comfortable feel that is durable for daily wear. A matte finish conveys style and grace ideal for home or the office.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Rue des Arts

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