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Adela Oval

Alberta Rectangle

Allen Rectangle

Aloe Green


Alturas Rectangle

Amanda Cat Eye


Amarillo Rectangle


Ames Rectangle

Angela Oval

Angeles Rectangle

Annapolis Rectangle

Antique Shale Fade

Antony Aviator

Anza Round

Aquarius Rectangle

Archibald Rectangle

Ardmore Rectangle

Arthur Rectangle

Astrid Cat-Eye

Atlantic Blue

Atlas Blue



Aurelia Tortoise


Avon Square

Baltimore Wayfarer

Baton Wayfarer

Battle Rectangle

Bay Fog

BCO001 Rectangle Clip-on

Beach Glass

Beatrice Wayfarer

Beauvais Wayfarer

Beck Oval

Belize Blue

Bella Oval

Bellevue Rectangle


Bend Round

Bensenville Wayfarer

Benson Rectangle

Berg Rectangle

Bert Rectangle

Berton Rectangle

Betty Oval

Beverly Rectangle

Bevis Aviator

Binghamton Wayfarer

Blanche Oval


Blue Coral

Blue Heron

Blue Marblewood

Blue Slate Fade

Blueberry Buckle

Boris Oval

Bowen Rectangle

BowlingGreen Rectangle


Boylston Round

Brentwood Wayfarer

Broadmoor Square

Brooke Rectangle

Bruns Round

Brushed Bark

Brushed Ink

Brushed Navy

Burnt Lemon Tortoise

Callan Rectangle

Camden Rectangle

Cancer Rectangle

Candice Oval

Canton Blue

Capricorn Round

Cara Oval

Caroline Oval

Carson Round

Catalina Blue

Cedar Aviator

Cedar Tortoise

CedarRapids Rectangle

Celeste Rectangle

Charcoal Fade

Charles Oval


Childrens Glasses

Christ Rectangle

Christine Oval


Citron Fade

Clara Rectangle

Clarence Rectangle

Claude Aviator

Clearwater Rectangle

Clementine Round

Clichy Square

Clifford Wayfarer

Coastal Blue Fade

Cognac Tortoise

Cognac Tortoise and Citron

Cognac Tortoise and Pacific Crystal

Cognac Tortoise Bermuda Blue

Cognac Tortoise Berumda Blue

Cognac Tortoise Cashew

Cognac Tortoise Lagoon

Cognac Tortoise Melon

Colorado Round

Conrad Rectangle

Constance Rectangle

Coolidge Round


Cornelius Rectangle

Cornell Rectangle


Creek Rectangle

Crestview Round


Crystal Aqua

Crystal With Blue Jay

Crystal With Manzanita

Crystal With Maple

Cumings Cat Eye

Cynthia Oval

Dana Aviator

Darlene Rectangle

Dawn Oval

Debby Oval

Delia Oval

Dempsey Oval

Denton Aviator

Desan Rectangle

Dodge Round

Dodge Square

Donahue Rectangle

Dorado Rectangle

Doreen Wayfarer

Douglas Aviator

Earl Grey

Eartha Oval

Eastern Bluebird Fade

Eden Rectangle

Edith Round

Edmund Rectangle

Egbert Rectangle


Elma Rectangle

Elmhurst Oval

Elvira Round

English Oak

Enid Rectangle

Ernest Wayfarer

Eudora Round

Eunice Rectangle

Eyeglasses Repair Kit

Fairfax Rectangle

Faithe Cat Eye

Fay Rectangle

Fayette Wayfarer

Flint Rectangle

Florence Rectangle

Fontenay Round

FortWorth Round



Frances Round

Frederick Round

Fresno Round clip-on

Fulton Rectangle


Gemini Wayfarer

Gemma Rectangle

Genevieve Rectangle

Gimlet Tortoise

Giselle Cat Eye

Glacier Grey


Glassesshop Classic Vintage Inspired Rectangular Clear Lens Prescription Eyeglasses Frame-Tortoise

Glassesshop Retro Optical-Quality RX-Able Eyeglasses Rectangle Eyewear Frame-Brown

Glassesshop Retro Optical-Quality RX-Able Eyeglasses Rectangle Eyewear Frame-Tortoise

Glassesshop Womens Fashion Oversized Cateye or High Pointed Eyewear Vintage Inspired-Black

Glassesshop Womens Fashion Oversized Cateye or High Pointed Eyewear Vintage Inspired-Blue

Glassesshop Womens Fashion Oversized Cateye or High Pointed Eyewear Vintage Inspired-Red

Glassesshop Womens Fashion Oversized Cateye or High Pointed Eyewear Vintage Inspired-Tortoise

Glenn Rectangle

Gloversville Round

Goddard Rectangle clip-on

Goodland Wayfarer

GrandPrairie Wayfarer

Grapefruit Soda

Graphite Fog

Green Spruce



Gulfport Rectangle

Gustave Rectangle

Gwendolyn Round

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Mar 27, Should I find another optometrist and lab for my Progressive eyeglasses?

Q: 2008 -7.25 -6.50 +75 090 X 150 2013 -5.50 -100 X 65 -4.25 -025 X 150/200 2016 -6.00 -100 X 65 -4.25 -025 X 200...

Mar 27, Looking GOOPY!!

Q: Hi, I hope you can help me. My Prescription…. RIGHT = SPH +3.50……..CYL -3.00……..AXIS 172.5 LEFT = SPH +4.00……..CYL -3.50……..AXIS 7.5 READING...